Newspaper Valentine, by Suzann Thompson Newspaper Valentine, © 2006 by Suzann Thompson. I recycled four different sweaters into this 24 x 24" quilt. I crocheted the red trim, and sewed, oh, around 250 buttons onto it. Now, why is this wall hanging called Newspaper Valentine?
How can anyone resist all the gorgeous yarn, fabric, buttons, and beads in this world? I can't. I love to knit, crochet, sew, and I feel compelled to sew buttons on almost everything! TextileFusion was born because I couldn't choose just one craft and leave the others behind.

At first TextileFusion was only about my wall hangings, which incorporate knitting, crochet, quilting, and embellishment. Since writing and teaching about textile crafts and art are a big part of what I do, TextileFusion grew to include them, too.

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These are my books, available in fabulous bookstores and online! Sometimes my designs appear in magazines, too. I hope you'll look for them, or check my book blog,
Curious and Crafty Readers, for the latest articles.

Snowflake Dreams of Spring, by Suzann Thompson Wall Hangings

Between writing books, I make knitted, embellished quilts. This one is called Snowflake Dreams of Spring. Read about Snowflake and see more wall hangings

Most of my artwork is for sale. The price includes a list of publications and exhibitions in which the piece has appeared, and delivery by registered mail.

Go to Gallery Links to see photos from some of my other projects, like the Pillar Project with Ian Boyle, and altered and handmade books for knitters with Jane Hurwitz.


I enjoy teaching for guilds and groups, and at conferences. My workshops include

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My teaching schedule, is on the sidebar of my blogs Suzann's TextileFusion and Curious and Crafty Readers.

Curious and Crafty Readers

Ideas for new projects, tutorials, and other book-related stuff at Curious and Crafty Readers.

Mosaic Art School - Ravenna, Italy

Read about Suzann's Italian mosaic adventure at her blog, February 19 through March 8, 2006.

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