First Moments in Ravenna

Ravenna's carneval parade

When I walked to my hotel in Ravenna today, I ran into a parade! Kids in costume were everywhere. Confetti and streamers and silly string were everywhere, too. Different schools had floats, which some kids rode on and more kids followed. All were wearing costumes. It was loud and colorful and fun.

I checked in and then went back out to see the parade and take pictures. The floats went around and around two big blocks, and then everyone went into a big park nearby.

a float at rest outside one of Ravenna's churches

My knitting eye saw lots of multi-color stranded caps on the kids, some with flaps (caps, not kids). Couldn’t tell if they were hand-knitted. Saw a couple of knitted shawls, and one was handmade for sure. And a pretty crocheted scarf. I will be on the lookout for a yarn store.

My workshop starts tomorrow! Ravenna is definitely a mosaic town. The hotel has one at the entry and a little park near the train station has a colorful mosaic column. The little signs on the trashcans have a picture of tesserae plus the name of the town.

I’ll add photos when I get back, so check back!

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