Crochet Charm Lace: A Workshop for Crocheters

(3 hour workshop)

Our bookshelves have filled with books of instructions for the cutest ever crocheted flowers, leaves, and other motifs. What can we do with all those sweet little things? We can make Crochet Charm Lace, a beautiful lacy cloth that uses up our yarn leftovers of all weights and textures.

crocheted sun and bluebird doily

The best things about Crochet Charm Lace:

  • You can make projects in any shape and size.
  • You can use up leftover yarns and reduce your stash.
  • You can mix together all kinds of yarns and weights of yarn.
  • Other than trying for a “firm” gauge, gauge is unimportant.

crocheted trillium and violet leaf scarf

In this workshop, we will complete a dinner-plate sized table mat, from motifs you make before class starts. In a pinch, you are welcome to purchase motifs from me, but it will be a lot less expensive if you make them yourself.


  • Crochet flat motifs (flowers, leaves, other designs) until you have enough to cover a dinner plate (12 to 20, depending on their size)
  • Recommended motifs come from Crochet Bouquet, Crochet Garden, or Cute Crochet World (by Suzann Thompson). See “Motif Suggestions” below.
  • If desired, use a variety of yarn weights, from No. 10 crochet cotton to worsted weight. Really this is the most fun way to make Crochet Charm Lace.
  • If desired, use yarns of different textures and fiber content. Again, using different types of yarn makes this project more interesting.
  • Weave in ends and block motifs.
  • Make 10 sc-filler motifs and 10 hdc-filler motifs, using a yarn that contrasts or blends with the motifs, and a hook that gives a firm gauge with this yarn:
  1. Sc-Filler: Ch 4, join with sl st in first st to form a ring. Ch 1, work 8 sc into ring, join with sl st to first st of rnd, OR make an invisible join. End off, weave in ends.
  2. Hdc-Filler: Ch 4, join with sl st in first st to form a ring. Ch 2, work 11 hdc into ring, join with sl st to top of ch-2 at beg of rnd, OR make an invisible join. End off, weave in ends.

Supply List

  • Crocheted motifs as described in homework section
  • Bring yarn you used to make filler motifs, and the crochet hook you used with it
  • A piece of fabric the size of a dinner plate (trace around a plate, then cut along the tracing line)
  • 40 safety pins
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

I will have some motifs for sale in class, but the class will be more economical if you crochet your own–plus you can use up leftover yarns! Contact me at suzannthompson at live dot com if you need a kit.

Crochet Twirly Rose Crochet Charm Lace

Motif Suggestions

  • Forget Me Not plus Ladder Leaf (Crochet Garden)
  • Vintage Television plus stars from Starry Night (Cute Crochet World)
  • Trilliums plus Violet Leaves (Crochet Garden)
  • Twirl Center Roses (Crochet Garden)
  • Oval Center Rose plus Rose Leaves (Crochet Bouquet)
  • Sun plus Bluebird of Happiness (Cute Crochet World)

Pink Crochet Charm Lace Scarf