Knit Mosaic Patterns and Chart Your Own: A Workshop

mosaic knit rug

A 3 hour workshop for Knitters

This workshop is also known as “Dotty Knits.”

Sign up for the “Knit Mosaic Patterns” workshop to be held at the Taos Wool Festival, October 2014, in New Mexico! More information here.

Class Description

Knit mosaic house

Barbara Walker opened our eyes to the wonders of slip-stitch color knitting with her famous geometric mosaic patterns, where you change color every other row, and achieve great color patterning.

But there oh, so much more to know about this fantastic technique!

Learn to read Walker’s clever charts, then expand by adding intarsia and multiple colors. Learn to chart your own graphic patterns (offered exclusively in Suzann’s workshop). And finally, learn how to use this technique with other stitch patterns in projects.


Mosaic knit saguaro cactus

My mother used to knit slipper socks with stranded color patterns that she apparently made up on the spot. I wanted to knit colors, too! So Mom taught me, and I learned stranded knitting before I knew it might be difficult (it isn’t, but lots of people think it is).

Barbara Walker’s treasuries of knitting patterns introduced me to slip-stitch color knitting and I was hooked! No more carrying two strands of yarn across the row! The technique opened my mind to many new color-knitting possibilities.

Knit mosaic pineapple

The look of Walker’s mosaic knits was different from stranded knitting: more pixellated. But she took advantage of that quality to create geometric designs that really do look like mosaic borders and repeating patterns.

My inner knitting voice said, “There must be a way to expand this quirky technique to make large, flowing designs and pictures. Surely one could introduce lots more color. Surely one could mimic Fair Isle or stranded patterns with this technique. Couldn’t one?”

Eventually I saw Walker’s charted Jolly Roger pattern. Aha! If she could design a jolly roger, then I could design a… a… a cactus!

The saguaro cactus design was the first of my extensive exeriments with mosaic or slip-stitch color knitting. I found out that, yes, one can add lots more color. A knitter can make intricate, flowing designs and even mimic Fair Isle patterns after a fashion.

Eva's beetle in mosaic knitting

In the “Knit Mosaic Patterns and Chart Your Own” workshop, we’ll cover the basics of mosaic knitting, including how garter and stockinette stitch can be combined and how the properties of garter stitch work in a mosaic environment.

Then we’ll go on to the fancy stuff: adding color and charting your own designs. Once you have practiced charting designs that I provide, you can strike out on your own.

My favorite mosaic charts ever are made from my daughters’ drawings. What a wonderful way to include them in my favorite craft!

Eva's fish in mosaic knitting

Knit Mosaic Patterns and Chart Your Own
Workshop Information

Mitered corner of mosaic knit rug

Skill: Intermediate


Knitters should know how to slip stitches, read a chart. It’s helpful to know how to change colors as in intarsia, but this can be learned in class.

Materials Fee: $2

Students Should Bring:

  • Yarn: small amounts of worsted or DK weight yarn in three or four colors, to knit leaf and heart motifs, one or two contrasting yarns for background color
  • Knitting needles two sizes larger than you would normally use with your chosen yarn
    a set of 4 or 5 double pointed needles the same size
  • Pencil and good eraser
  • Your favorite tool for keeping your place on a chart

Knit mosaic heart afghan squares