Color Composure for Knitters and/or Crocheters: A Workshop

Color Composure is a 3 to 6 hour workshop for Knitters or Crocheters.

Class Description

Spring wildflowers

You won’t be afraid of color if you approach it the slow and easy way. You’ll learn, step by step, and with many examples, how to begin with one color and add more and more colors into your knitting or crocheting until you aren’t intimidated even by a riot of colors!

We’ll add pizzazz to our color-ways with fun techniques from painters and quilters (who have wonderful ways of enhancing multicolor yarns). Give your skills a boost with a color exercise devised by a jewelry-maker. Go home with swatches and hand-outs that will remind you of the techniques you learned.

Wildflower-inspired knitting


Years ago, I experienced a wonderful color inspiration from, of all things, a pile of shirts waiting to be washed. They were a medley of greens—yellow green, kelly green, spring green, with one startling blue shirt thrown in. It was new, different, stunning. I loved it!

Just a couple of weeks before I wrote this, I saw a magazine cover (Vogue Knitting Crochet) with the same colors used together for a lovely effect. Yay! Someone else likes those colors together, too!

We often see great new color combinations around the house or when we’re out and about. Our challenge is to notice these colors, observe them, and record them.

Many of us shy away from the challenge, because we do not trust our own good sense of color. We may like certain colors together, but we say, “Yes I like it, but does it look good?”

I say, “If you like it, of course it looks good!”

Our cat Izzy blending in

The Color Composure workshop encourages you to trust your color instincts, opens your eyes to new and different “harmonious” combinations, and sprinkles in enough theory to bind it all together.

You’ll learn methods that will help you create lovely colorways every time. We discuss not only which colors to put together, but how much of each color to include in the mix.

How do you know when you’re on the right track? When you see pretty color combinations in your every-day life (like a cat lounging on the front porch), and they inspire you to make a project (like a scarf).

Izzy-inspired scarf

Color Composure Workshop Information

Collage from Color Composure Class

Skill: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Knitters should be able to knit very simple stranded patterns (like 2×2 checks); Crocheters should be comfortable following written crochet instructions.

Materials Fee: $3

Students Should Bring:

  • Small amounts of about 20 different colors of yarn, with a range of dark to light; leftovers are okay, a range of weights also okay,
  • Knitting needles or crochet hook to give a relaxed gauge with your chosen yarns
  • One or two fashion or other colorful magazines to cut up
  • Glue stick
  • Paper-cutting scissors