Crocheted Sunflower Twin Set

twinset with crocheted sunflower

After sewing two Sunflowers-on-a-Grid (pp. 38-39 of Crochet Bouquet) onto a cotton-blend cardigan, I cut away the cardigan fabric behind the filet center of the flower. That allows the cream-colored shell underneath to show through. Instructions are below.

You can use this technique for other projects, too, like table linens or pillow covers. Keep in mind what will show through after you cut away the fabric behind the flower’s gridded center.

Twin Set

You will need:

  • Crochet Bouquet
  • Fine weight (2) linen or cotton yarn (I used Louet Euroflax Sport)
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook (US size E/4)
  • Purchased cardigan and contrasting or matching top (the sample garments are from Land’s End)
  • Sewing needle and thread, pins
  • Sharp scissors
  • Fray-stopping adhesive, such as Aleene’s® Stop Fraying®

twinset with crocheted sunflower

  1. Crochet one or more Sunflower-on-a-Grid (page xx). Stretch and uncurl each petal by hand, then steam lightly to set the petals.
  2. Arrange the flowers on the cardigan. Pin in place. Sew around petals with a back-stitch.
  3. Sew around the outside of the single-crochet round.
  4. On the inside of the cardigan, apply a line of fray-stopping glue just inside the line of stitching you just made. Work the glue into the cardigan fabric with the applicator tip. Let dry completely.
  5. Carefully cut out the cardigan fabric that is inside the line of glue. Trim as necessary so that the cardigan fabric doesn’t show in the gridded center of the flower.
  6. On the inside of the cardigan, whip-stitch the cut edge to the sc round of the flower.
  7. Crochet stem and leaves of your choice. Arrange, pin, and sew in place.

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