Corrugated Leaf Tutorial

Corrugated Leaves from Crochet Bouquet

The Corrugated Leaf in Crochet Bouquet is a variation on a leaf that was used in Irish Crochet lace. It’s a little tricky at first, so here are some diagrams to help you figure it out. Once you understand how it works, you’ll be able to crank out these leaves without a second thought.

Stitch numbers and details are on pages 109-110 of Crochet Bouquet.

Start with a chain, which I’m going to call the ‘foundation chain.’

For the first row, begin by working across the foundation chain as you normally would. At the end of the foundation chain, chain 2, but DO NOT TURN.

Corrugated Leaf, step 1

Instead, rotate your work, so that your next stitches will be worked into the remaining loops of the foundation chain. You’ll stop short of the end, which creates the tip of the leaf. The diagram above shows all these words in a picture. The dot is the beginning of the foundation chain.

For the second row, chain 2, and this time turn your work so that you will be working back across the stitches you just finished. This part of the row is shown on top, Steps 1 and 2 of the diagram below.

Corrugated Leaf, step 2

Once you’re back at the base of the leaf, chain 2 and rotate (Step 3 of diagram). Work the rest of the row on the other side of the leaf (Step 4 of diagram). The instructions have you stopping before you reach the end of the row, and this forms the points on each side of the leaf.

Repeat the second row until the leaf is just the size you want it. Each row goes on both sides of the leaf.

Leaves come in many colors, so don’t limit yourself to green. I love this red and green leaf, which didn’t make it into the book. It is made with Judi & Co.’s Hand-Dyed Moonlight (100% Rayon, 100yd/91m per spool).

Corrugated Leaf from Crochet Bouquet

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