Corrections to Crochet Bouquet

Errata for Crochet Bouquet

Filet Center-or-Not, page 22
Add “4” twice, as shown in bold below; change 24 to 48; add Rnd 4.

  • Rnd 3: Join next color with sc in first dc, 3 sc in next ch-3 space, (sc in next dc, 4 sc in next ch-3 space) 4 times; sc in next dc, 3 sc in next ch-3 space, (sc in next dc, 4 sc in next ch-4 space) 4 times; needle-join to first st (48 sts).
  • Rnd 4: Same as Rnd 3 of Large Center-or-Not on p. 21.

Large Fancy Five, page 24
Change Rnd 2 of the Large Fancy Five to read as follows (a slst-picot = ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook):

  • Rnd 2: *Ch 3, (slst-picot, tr, slst-picot) in same st as join, (tr, slst-picot, tr, slst-picot) in next st, (tr, slst-picot, ch 3, sl st) in next st, ch 1, sc in ch-3 space, ch 1, sl st in next tr. Repeat from * 4 more times (5 petals with 5 slst-picots each). Fasten off.

Columbine, page 49
Add words ‘sk 1 st’ as shown in bold, below.

  • Rnd 2: Ch 1, *2 sc in next st, ch 3, sk 1 st; repeat from * 4 more times; join with sl st in first sc (5 ch-3 spaces).

Daffodil, page 52
On Daffodil Trumpet, Round 5, change “Working in front loops only,” to “Working in back loops only,”

Fire Wheel, page 84
Add a “(” (shown in bold below) before the word “insert”

  • Rnd 2: *Ch 7, (sl st-picot) 4 times; yarn over (2 loops on hook), skip next picot, (insert…

Millefiori, pages 25-26
In patterns for “Pointy Petals,” “Rounded Petals,” and “Heart-Shape Petals,” replace “Gather petals as described in the Pattern Notes” with “Gather petals as described under the heading ‘Millefiori’ on page 15.

Crochet Bouquet, spiral-bound
Useful Tip: Take your copy of Crochet Bouquet to your nearest copy center and have it spiral bound. For a few dollars, your book can lie flat.

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Suzann Thompson
Author of Crochet Bouquet

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