Crochet Bouquet Crochet Alongs

Welcome to the Crochet Bouquet Flower Crochet Alongs! I’m Suzann, the author of Crochet Bouquet, and organizer of these Crochet-Alongs. The plan is to crochet flowers and leaves that are featured in Crochet Bouquet, but if you prefer a different pattern or if you design your own, you are absolutely welcome to join in.

To participate, you can simply crochet the flower of the month, or you can join one of the two Crochet Bouquet Along groups. The nice thing about the groups is that you can see other crocheters’ work and join into the group conversations. If you have questions or comments, please post on the Curious and Crafty Readers blog or at our Crochet Bouquet Along groups.

You can click here to join the Crochet Bouquet Along group on Yahoo, OR follow the directions below to join the Crochet Bouquet Along group on Ravelry:

  1. Join Ravelry by going to You have to request an invitation, which should arrive within a week.
  2. Once you’re on Ravelry, open the “Groups” tab. Search for “Crochet Bouquet Alongs.” Join the group.
  3. Start crocheting flowers, asking questions, and making comments! Post photos of your finished flowers and projects, so we can admire them!

Please join in at any time. We are going to do a different flower each month for about a year, starting in July 2008. After that—we’ll see.

I’m hoping to choose flowers that have some significance for the month or season. We’ll concentrate on about one flower each month. Do you have a suggestion for a flower of the month? Please post your suggestion!

You decide how you want to participate. Crochet the flower of the month or any other flower you want. The main idea is to crochet flowers.

Please feel free to save our Crochet Along buttons to your own server, and link back to this page, which is

Here’s a tentative schedule:

March 2009: Shamrocks

Roses Crochet Along

February 2009: Valentine Roses


January 2009: Sunflowers

Flowery Gift Crochet Along

November and December 2008: Flowery Gifts

Leaf Crochet Along

October 2008: Leaves

Poppy Crochet Along

September 2008: Mumsy

Poppy Crochet Along

August 2008: Poppy

Columbine Crochet Along

July 2008: Columbine

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