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Sweet Home

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Sweet Home, crochet and quilt art, by Suzann Thompson

I remember very well the sweetness and simplicity of childhood and the images from that time that are with me to this day. Children’s book illustrations and some idealized picture of home are strong in my memory. I think that’s where a lot of the designs for Cute Crochet World came from.

My current project is an exhibit called Celebrate Doilies! which will debut at the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council Gallery in Stephenville, Texas, in July and August 2017. In addition to a lot of doily history (read more here), the exhibit will include my art quilts made with vintage crochet.

Sweet Home, crochet and quilt art, by Suzann Thompson

At first I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate this thread crocheted placemat into a quilt. My mind apparently mulled over this problem while I wasn’t paying attention. Some days later, my perception of the piece suddenly shifted from a placemat to picture frame. After that, it was easy to decide what picture to frame: a childlike picture of home.

Strip-piecing left over from a previous quilt seemed perfect to frame the frame. Luckily, I still had enough cut strips to fill the gaps.

Sweet Home, crochet and quilt art, by Suzann Thompson

Cute Crochet World came to my aid, with patterns for crocheting the “Cozy Home,” “Cherry Blossom” (I used green instead of pink), “Summer Sun” with clubby rays, and “Cutely Cloudy.” I made several trees and two suns, before finding the right combination of size and color.

Sweet Home, crochet and quilt art, by Suzann Thompson

When button time came around, I turned to family and friends for input on which buttons I should sew around the edge of the placemat: mother-of-pearl or blue?

My mom thought the house looked like it was on an island, the lace edges with blue underlay seemed like a beach, and the dark blue buttons were the deep blue sea. I liked this image very well.

The consensus from Instagram and Twitter was that the blue buttons looked better than white, but some friends said they thought a lighter blue might look best.

Sweet Home, crochet and quilt art, by Suzann Thompson

I posted the comparison of dark blue and lighter blue buttons. @franloveswool summarized my own feelings, saying, “This is trickier than I thought.” @fairetreasures said that the dark blue gave the piece great contrast, and the lighter blue looked nice because it picked up the colors of the house.

What to do? Mix light and dark? I tried that, but meh. Wait. Why just one round of buttons? Why not a round of lighter blue and a round of darker blue? Yes, that was the solution. Thank you, friends and family!

Sweet Home, crochet and quilt art, by Suzann Thompson

Christmas Tree from Fern Pattern

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Crocheted Christmas Tree Mat

Just add a few more picots to the Fern pattern in Crochet Bouquet, and you have a Christmas tree motif to embellish cards or garments, or home accessories.

I made the tree motif in a light worsted weight yarn and decorated it with red buttons, for a Christmas table mat. For a Christmas card, crochet the tree with bedspread cotton, glue to a blank card, and decorate with sequins or beads.

To crochet the tree, turn to the Fern pattern on pages 110-111 of Crochet Bouquet. First, crochet the pattern as written, so you get the hang of how the leaf is constructed.

Notice how the lower leaflets of the Fern each have two pairs of picots plus a cluster of three picots at the end.

To make the Christmas Tree motif, work as for Fern, except

  • Add two extra pairs of picots to the Bottom leaflets. Look at the photo to see the extra picot pairs.
  • Add one extra pair of picots to the Next-to-Bottom leaflets. Again, look at the photo. It will help you figure out what to do.

Crocheted Christmas Tree Mat close-up

Mat with Crocheted Christmas Tree

You will need:

  • Crochet Bouquet
  • Worsted weight yarn, green
  • Small amount of metallic gold yarn
  • Crochet hooks to give a firm gauge with the chosen yarns
  • One package of Kunin’s Shaggy Plush Felt, cream color
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Small red buttons to decorate tree
  • Trim for edges of felt, like gold braid, rick-rack, or buttons (shown)
  1. With green yarn, crochet a Christmas tree motif, using the altered Fern leaf from Crochet Bouquet (see instructions above).
  2. With metallic yarn, crochet a Baby Star from page 26 of Crochet Bouquet.
  3. Cut the felt in half to make two pieces approximately 17-1/2 x 11-1/2″ each.
  4. Arrange tree and star on felt and sew in place.
  5. Sew red buttons on the tree to resemble decorations.
  6. Add trim around edges of felt.
  7. Save the other half of the felt to make a Poinsettia Mat (nstructions in the next post).