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European Rose Featured at Lion Brand

Friday, May 4th, 2012

European Rose from Crochet Garden

Lion Brand Yarn Company provides the pattern for our May 2012 Crochet Along! The European Rose from Crochet Garden is featured at Lion Brand’s website, with free instructions, step-by-step photos, and some hints for easier crocheting.

The white Yorkshire Rose was my original inspiration for this flower, but by changing the petal colors, you can also make a Lancashire Rose (all red petals) or a Tudor Rose (white petals inside, red petals outside). When my mom saw this design, she said, “Oh, it’s a Martin Luther’s Rose!”

Then I saw it in a book, under the name “Alchemical Rose.”

It’s a rose by many other names.

Welcome, British and Canadian Readers!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

crocheted Yorkshire Rose

Crochet Bouquet is finally available in the UK and Canada! I’m especially happy about this, because my book-writing career began in the UK, with The Polymer Clay Sourcebook (Hamlyn, 1998). It was published afterwards in the US and in France under different titles.

We lived in Sheffield, England for a number of years, while my husband taught at the University of Sheffield. I enjoyed meeting with other fiber enthusiasts at the Hallamshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers, once a month. My older daughter started school in Sheffield, and my younger daughter was born there.

In appreciation of my family’s Yorkshire connection, I altered the “Sweetheart Rose” (pages 93-94 of Crochet Bouquet) to make a white Yorkshire Rose. The instructions are below.

You can read about the Yorkshire Rose, the Red Rose of Lancaster, and the Tudor Rose here.

Yorkshire Rose

Note: these instructions, as well as the instructions in Crochet Bouquet, are written using U.S. crochet terminology.

You will need:

Instructions for the Sweetheart Rose, page 94, from Crochet Bouquet

Yarn in white, golden yellow, and green

Crochet hook to give a firm tension with the yarn you chose

  1. In golden yellow, crochet the center of the rose, Round 1, page 94. Instead of joining with a slip stitch, needle-join to the first st of the round. (instructions for needle-joining are on page 14. Needle-joining completes the round smoothly, so you can’t tell at first glance where the round ends.)
  2. Skip Round 2.
  3. With white, work Rounds 3 and 4 of the Sweetheart Rose. Needle-join to first st of rnd.
  4. Fold the petals toward you so they will be out of the way as you crochet the next two rounds.
  5. Rnd 5: there are three stitches between the sc’s of Round 3. The sc’s of this round are worked in the second (or middle) stitch of the three. Begin with 1 sc in the second unworked st between the sc’s of Round 3 as described. Ch 8. * Sc in the next middle unworked stitch, ch 8 * Repeat between *s 3 more times. Sl st into first sc of round. (total of five loops).
  6. Rnd 6: work same as Rnd 6 of Sweetheart Rose. Needle join. Weave in ends.

crocheted Tudor Rose


  1. With green, ch 7.
  2. Rnd 1: ch 2 (counts as first hdc), work 14 hdc in ring. Join with a sl st to top of ch 2 at beg of round.
  3. Rnd 2: ch 1, * ch 11, sl st in third ch from hook; working back along the chain, 2 sc, 3 hdc, 2 dc, skip last ch, ch 1, sk 2 hdc of Rnd 1, sc in next hdc * Repeat between *s four more times. Join with a sl st in first ch of round. Weave in ends.
  4. Sew the sepals to the back of the rose, making sure their points peep out between the large petals of the rose.

To make a Tudor Rose, work Rounds 5 and 6 of the Yorkshire Rose in red yarn.