Circles within Circles–July Crochet-Along

Circles within Circles crochet flower

** Sundews are cute little rosettes of narrow leaves which have round, sticky ends. Beware, small insects!

** I remember geometric print fabrics with wonky asterisk shapes, which had circles on the ends. Nowadays, people call those fabrics “vintage.” Hmmm.

** We saw fireworks the other night that exploded into a flower shape, and then the end of each petal exploded again into a ball of sparkles.

Circles within Circles crochet flower

What do these things have in common? They remind me of “Circles within Circles,” on pages 22-23 of Crochet Bouquet. First you make seven circles of two rounds each. Round 3 forms the spindly petals and joins the seven circles into a flower. Circles within Circles is best for applique because it can’t hold its shape naturally. It is our July 2011 Crochet Bouquet-Along.

With all these separate pieces, you can end with a lot of yarn ends. Better to crochet over the ends whenever possible, like this:

Circles within Circles crochet flower step by step photo

Work Rnd 1 as usual, and weave in the end that comes out of the center.

Begin Rnd 2 opposite of where Rnd 1 ended, catching the yarn end from Rnd 1 in the first stitch. Photo A shows the first sts of Rnd 2 covering the yellow yarn end. Continue Rnd 2, crocheting over the yarn end.

When you have crocheted half of Rnd 2, bring the yarn end from Rnd 2 around the edge of the circle, and catch it under the next stitch, as I did the orange yarn end in Photo B. Crochet over the yarn for the rest of Rnd 2.

Trim the ends of the covered yarns.

Circles within Circles crochet flower step by step photo

Round 3 starts with a chain ring and a sc in the ring. To make a petal, chain 7, then pick up one of the circles and start crocheting around it. I like to start very close to the end of Rnd 2, so I can catch its yarn end under the sts of Rnd 3 as soon as possible as in Photo C.

Circles within Circles crochet flower step by step photo

Once you have crocheted around the circle, work back across the chain to complete the petal. (Photo D)

Circles within Circles crochet flower step by step photo

In Photo E, all the petals are finished, and I’m about to needle join. As soon as the last sc was done, I cut the yarn and pulled the yarn end up out of the last stitch. Then I threaded it into a tapestry needle.

Circles within Circles crochet flower step by step photo

The first stitch of Rnd 3 is a sc in the ring. The needle join follows the direction of the yarn on top of that first sc. Photo F shows the needle following the top thread of the first sc under the top of the next st.

Circles within Circles crochet flower step by step photo

Tighten the yarn so it looks like part of the first st. Now insert the needle into the last stitch, where the yarn in your tapestry needle originates. Tighten the yarn again. I like to weave in the end on the back, in the direction of the crochet (in this case, up the back of the first petal). (Photo G)

A needle join is like making a duplicate stitch over the top of the first st of the round. When you’re finished, it takes a very good eye to find the beginning/end of the round.

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  1. Karen Frisa July 14, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    Very pretty! And it does look like fireworks!

  2. Arlina Pasos July 24, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    I want to Know the price for this you know if Have the flours or the Petals graficL I am sorry my lenguaje is the Spanish,,,I read and speak perfect…my problem its ti Rhiter( escribirP

  3. admin July 25, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Thanks Karen!

    Arlina, I’m sorry, no graphs for the flowers. I will help you with the instructions, if I can.

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