Doily Heritage Project

Doily Heritage Project, filet crochet doily

Do you know people who make or made doilies? Do you have their handmade doilies proudly displayed in your home or tucked away in a drawer? Please tell me about them!

Doilies are an important part of our heritage, and I am collecting stories about the people who made them, to use in heritage and doily art exhibits, and for future projects, including a book, I hope!

Here are some stories people have sent:

  • A pioneer lady who raised chickens saved the string from the chicken feed bags and crocheted a doily with it when she had enough.
  • A young woman’s grandmother taught her to crochet. Years later, when the grandmother was in her last illness, the woman crocheted a doily and sent it to her. The grandmother proudly showed it to her visitors at the hospital.
  • A father of several daughters crocheted doilies as a refuge from the noisy, busy household. He was retired from the U. S. Navy.


Tell me about the doily makers you know:

Send photos of the doilies:

  • Read “Photo Tips for Doilies and Similar Items” on the last page of the Doily Heritage Project information form.
  • Photograph doilies.
  • Mail or email photos to address given on the information form. Some people have also sent photos of the person who made the doilies or some other aspect of their lives.


Doily Heritage Project, knitted doily

Your stories and pictures may be included in Texas Crochet Heritage, a traveling exhibit of 45 doily heritage posters. The show is available for booking through the Texas Lakes Trail office, by contacting Jill Campbell,

Celebrate Doilies, an exhibit of doily heritage (about 20 posters) and doily-inspired poetry and textile art, debuted in July 2017, and travels to venues around Texas. Please contact me for details.

To promote the traveling exhibits, and to raise funds to help me create and maintain exhibits, I use doily photos and stories in written or video articles in print and online. Someday, I’d like to compile the stories into a book.

Click here to see a sample doily heritage poster.

The Doily Heritage Project information form (link above) lists other places and media where are your doily photos and stories may appear.


I accept stories about doilies and their makers anytime. Now that the Texas Crochet Heritage exhibit is wrapped and in press, I’m contemplating the next step in the doily adventure: a book.

For details about where Celebrate Doilies and the Texas Crochet Heritage exhibits will be, please visit here.

Stay tuned, because I am planning more doily celebration projects!

Doily Heritage Project, crochet and purchased trim