Antelope Horns

Antelope Horns ©2015 by Suzann Thompson
24″ x 36″
Knitting, crochet, quilting, embellishment; many fibers, cotton backing and binding, buttons, beads

“They look like aliens,” remarked my husband, when he saw the close-up photo I used for this pattern. Yes, Antelope Horns is an odd and interesting flower. I’ve been fond of it since childhood, when I noticed tiny caterpillars on an Antelope Horns plant in our yard. They were Monarch caterpillars, and no surprise, since Antelope Horns is a milkweed.

I built a tire fence around the plant to protect the caterpillars so I could watch them grow. A couple of weeks passed, and then I found the pale green chrysalises with their metallic gold embellishment, hanging inside the tires. I was there when the butterflies emerged.

The plant in the wall hanging grew on my parents’ place, where we photographed it with my phone. I enlarged the photo to poster size for printing. The poster became my pattern—I cut out each petal, leaf, and background piece, pinned them to the knitted fabric, and cut out each piece. After fitting all the pieces back together, I pinned them to a foundation fabric, and zig-zag stitched them together to create the quilt top, and the beginning of a tribute to the coolest flower I love.

Antelope Horns is available for purchase. Please contact Suzann by email for a list of wall hanging prices.