Crochet Comets

Crochet Comets, ©2016 by Suzann Thompson
59 x 49″
Crochet, piecing, quilting, embellishment; vintage doilies, cotton fabrics, buttons, beads.
TextileFusion wall hanging, Crochet Comets

My Tuesday quilting group hosts an annual retreat with friends from out of town. I look forward to our retreat all year long. In 2015, my friend Donna Timmons brought a trash bag full of fabric. Each person at the retreat closed her eyes, plunged a hand into the bag, and pulled out a piece of fabric. Donna challenged us to make something—anything—from the fabric and show our work at the 2016 retreat.

TextileFusion wall hanging, Crochet Comets

I pulled out a length of fabric that looked gray from a distance, but was a small floral print. It made me think of night sky. I went to my doily stash, and just as I remembered, there were two yellow and white doilies which would make perfect comets.

With their fantastic tails trailing behind them, the comets fly over a small community, while the moon hovers at the horizon.

The back of Crochet Comets is pieced, too.

TextileFusion wall hanging, Crochet Comets

Crochet Comets is available for purchase with delivery in November 2017. Please contact Suzann by email for a list of wall hanging prices.