Gaudi Gaillardia

Gaudi Gaillardia, ©2015 by Suzann Thompson
24 x 30″
Knitting, crochet, piecing, quilting, embellishment; many different fibers, cotton fabric, buttons, beads.

Antoni Gaudí designed buildings and spaces in Barcelona, Spain, that seem to be custom-built and hand-made in every detail. The curved surfaces, broken tile mosaics, and plentiful detail appealed mightily to my inner child and my inner adult, too.

I was especially drawn to the teardrop shaped, stained glass windows at Gaudí’s Güell Colony Crypt.* The flowerlike, cross-like motifs of the windows were protected by a delicate metal lattice made from discarded weavers needles. I loved how the metalwork altered the look of the stained glass design behind it.

In Gaudi Gaillardia, I borrowed the window shape and the effect of the metal lattice. My knitted stained glass window is a bright Texas wildflower: Indian Blanket, also known as Fire Wheel or Gaillardia.

*See Rainer Zerbst’s book Antoni Gaudí, pp. 108 ff.

Gaudi Gaillardia is available for purchase. Please contact Suzann by email for a list of wall hanging prices.