Snowflake Dreams of Spring

Snowflake Dreams of Spring © 2006 by Suzann Thompson
39″ x 41″
Knitting, quilting, crochet, embellishment; many different fibers, cotton backing and binding, beads, buttons

This snowflake is tired of the cold and darkness of winter. It longs to land on a clump of crocuses. The snowflake hurtles through a field of violet and yellow, dreaming of spring. I knitted most of the fabric for this quilt on my Ultimate Sweater Machine. Thank goodness for quilting templates! I used a 60-degree angle template and a rotary cutter to trim pieces of knitting to the proper shape. I felt very clever, making a snowflake from a so-called “snowflake” sweater motif. However my favorite part of making this piece, was figuring out how to place the buttons and beads. I always want to use as many as possible, as long as it looks good. On this wall hanging I came up against a definite upper limit. No matter how I arranged extra buttons and beads, they weren’t right, and I had to stop. For number fans, Snowflake Dreams of Spring has around 175 beads and buttons. Several more snowflakes are crystallized in my imagination, so this motif will most certainly appear in future wall hangings.

May I recommend the book, Snow Crystals, by W. A. Bentley and W. J. Humphreys (Dover Publications)? It has over 2,000 photos of snow and ice crystals. I can easily spend hours studying their fascinating and complex variety. Also, The Art of the Snowflake and other books by Kenneth Libbrecht have color, closeup photos of snowflakes.

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