Shards 2: Sometimes

Shards 2: Sometimes © 2000 by Suzann Thompson
29-1/2″ x 33″
Knitting, quilting, crochet, appliqué, embellishment; many fibers, acetate backing and binding, beads, buttons, broken china, polymer clay

I had a small cup with roses all around it. The cup held some sentimental value to me. My little daughter was using it, and it broke. The pieces were so pretty, I couldn’t bear to throw them away. They sat in a cupboard for a couple of years, while I sorted out my feelings. Eventually I made this wall hanging. The vase is a knitted copy of the little cup. It is divided into four bound flaps. When you unbutton them and fold them out, you see this message: Sometimes a good thing has to be broken in order to make another, better thing.

Here’s what it looks like with the flaps open:

Shards 2: Sometimes is featured in the 2015/2016 issue of International Quilt festival Quilt Scene, page 50.

Shards 2: Sometimes is available for purchase. Please contact Suzann by email for a list of wall hanging prices.