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Cover of <i>What Button?</i>
Books from "Handmade and Altered Books for Knitters"

This article was in the Winter 2005 issue of INKnitters magazine. There wasn't room to show all the pages of the books. Guest book artist, Jane Hurwitz, made Instructions for Handknit. Suzann made Particolor Party and altered books to make What Button? and I Love Pink.

Samples from Suzann's Workshops
Samples from Suzann's Workshops

See samples from Suzann's Color Composure Workshop for Knitters and Crocheters. More photos to be added. To find workshop descriptions and more pictures, click on the "TextileFusion Workshops" and "Knitting and Crochet Workshops" links in the banner at the top of this page.

Ian Boyle's Pillar, Summer Solstice, 2005

Pictures from the Pillar Project

Dry-stone craftsman and artist, Ian Boyle, built this pillar near our home. It looks to the sunset through a pipe embedded in the stone. He positioned the pillar to catch the summer solstice sunset. Ian envisioned an international pillar project, with pillars in New Zealand and the UK.

Suzann and her husband have been photographing the pillar throughout the year. See the pictures here.

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