House of Crochet

Art quilt House of Crochet, by Suzann Thompson, features vintage crochet doily and trim. It will be in the Celebrate Doilies exhibit, July-September 2017.

House of Crochet, by Suzann Thompson
House of Crochet, ©2015 by Suzann Thompson
30 x 34″
Crochet, quilting, embellishment; vintage crochet and cotton quilt top, buttons, beads.

Home is where my heart is, and I couldn’t resist buying this cheerful looking filet crochet house. It was one piece of a crocheted chair set, made from a pattern marketed as Laura Wheeler design number 673 in the late 1940s.

To me, this is the archetypal house, with dormer windows, a chimney, big trees in the yard, and undoubtedly a sidewalk in front, leading to neighbors’ homes. This is my childhood vision of what a house should look like.

I partnered the filet house with a vintage quilt top and crocheted trim that I thought might be of the same age.

detail of House of Crochet, by Suzann Thompson

House of Crochet is in the artist’s collection.

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