KnitAlongs and Screen Art

linen paper yarn swatches

Ah…it’s so much fun to Knit Along! I’m joining the enormous Olympic knitting team, organized by Coach Stephanie of Yarn Harlot fame. I will be knitting for Team Italy. Why? I will be in Italy, physically, actually, in person, really, really, during the Olympics. No, not to watch, but to attend a mosaic workshop in Ravenna. It seemed cosmically correct to knit for the Italians.

Here are my training swatches. I’m finally using that red linen paper from Habu. I have 77 grams in all. My garter swatch is 0.92 g, and the lace edging motif is 0.43 g. (Thank goodness for my scientific husband, who has a very accurate balance.) I had to do some calculations to see how big of a wrap I could knit.

screen art by Ella

I’m making a poncho-shawl combination: a mitered corner in the back, straight across the front; garter stitch with the lace trim. The fiber is crispy! This will definitely be a stretch for me to finish, but I’m figuring on many hours to knit in airports and on planes. And need I add, since this is red, it’s counting toward the KnitRedKAL, too!

* * *

It’s fun to watch little kids with sidewalk-chalk. The little ones aren’t so interested in drawing pictures as they are in coloring things. But sometimes they really draw! After my three-year-old colored as much of our curlicue-iron porch support, she turned to the screen. Here’s her screen art. I think it is in the best abstract, mamadada-ist, preschool tradition.

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  1. wool winder February 6, 2006 at 9:48 am #

    I guess I’m not much of a joiner because I didn’t even join the Knitting Olympics…one of the few, I know. Have a great trip. Take lots of pictures to share with us. And, good luck on your Olympic project.

  2. Birdsong February 10, 2006 at 1:09 am #

    What a world traveler! I am excited for you to be going to Italy and will look forward to your tales. I decided to skip the Knitting Olympics, since getting time to knit at all the past few months has been challenge enough, so I will be rooting for you and Team Italy.

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