Nana Sadie Rose and Her Fabulous Project Bags

pretty bags at Nana Sadie Rose’s booth

We’ve all made friends online. Every now and then, on a very happy day, we get to meet one of them in person!

Years ago, I joined a Yahoo group of knitters. Among them was Nana Sadie Rose. At the time she was knitting lace things and learning the wonders of the lace lifeline. She also designed and sewed the most lovely and useful tote bags and project bags.

Nana Sadie Rose and Suzann at the Knit & Crochet Show

Naturally, because Nana Sadie Rose herself knits, her bags are especially good for knitters and crocheters. She makes them in various sizes for different kinds of projects and she makes sure they have plenty of pockets for tools and needles and such.

I have wanted one of those bags for a long, long time. Finally, at the Knit & Crochet Show in September, my wish came true! Nana Sadie Rose was there in person selling all kinds of bags. One of them had a button custom-made by…me!

The best part of it all was that I met Nana Sadie Rose, in person, finally. She is as lovely as her name.

My pretty bag from Nana Sadie Rose

On her website,, she lists the shows where she has a booth. You can also order online from her stock OR she will make a special bag with fabrics that you choose from her online fabric partners. Oh, my gosh. You’ll be sighing over all the beautiful fabric choices for hours.

My owl bag (Posy style) was the cutest in the whole booth (except for the skeleton bag, perhaps). Currently, it has socks-in-progress inside.

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