New York Weekend

I met Crochet Insider’s Dora Ohrenstein for lunch and a visit to the Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art on Madison Avenue. We have both been authors for Lark Crafts, and we both design for magazines. Dora has only been crocheting for ten years, so I would say she obviously has a flair for crochet design.

Some years ago, Dora traveled to Tajikistan to explore the origins of crochet. Later she went to Istanbul, Turkey, for the same reason. I’ve written before about my fascination with Turkish crafts, which I think are beautiful. I want to go to Turkey, too, and Dora gave me lots of information and hints about traveling there.

Just before we went our separate ways, Dora asked if I had noticed any crocheted fashions on my walk up Madison Avenue. Yes I had! The motifs on this skirt remind me of old tablecloth or bedspread squares. I couldn’t find the name of the shop where I saw it.

Further down Madison Avenue, the Hermes shop amazed me with a strange and wonderful needlepoint display. I can’t begin to guess how many hours went into the planning, shaping, and making of these crazy wonderful pieces.

I enjoyed a leisurely Mother’s Day, walking south from my room through neighborhoods to the Strand Bookstore. This mosaic was a lovely, colorful surprise.

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