Plain Pansy Poncho Places

Plain Pansy Poncho

In an earlier post on Curious and Crafty Readers, I gave instructions for how to crochet a linked up trim with the Plain Pansy (pages 63-64 of Crochet Bouquet).

Second Place Winner at the Taos Wool Festival

There are over 40 Plain Pansies in the trim of this poncho, which I finished just in time to enter into the Garment Contest at the Wool Festival at Taos, New Mexico, earlier this month.

My little poncho won second place in the “Capes, Ponchos, Ruanas” division. Hurray for Flower Power!

May I encourage you to enter your crochet work in contests, too? Contests give you incentive to finish projects, and if you win a ribbon that’s a bonus. Sure, you may not win anything, but if you go ahead and enter, at least you have a chance!

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