Step-by-Step Forget Me Not

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Today is National Forget-Me-Not Day! Who knew? Many thanks to Vintage Bell Broken China Jewelry, whom I follow on Facebook, for bringing this to my attention! National Forget-Me-Not Day reminds us to get in touch with friends and relatives that we don’t see very often.

National Forget-Me-Not Day has nothing to do with flowers, but what better day to bring you a tutorial for the Forget Me Not flower on pages 86-87 of Crochet Garden? You’ll need a small amount of yellow yarn for the center, white or very light blue for Rnd 2, and sky blue for the petals.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Rnd 1 is the brilliant yellow, single crochet center of the flower. Rnd 2 tells you to join the next color “with dc in FL of any st of rnd 1.” To join with a double crochet, place a slip knot on your hook and yarn over. Holding the yo in place on the hook, insert hook into the front loop of any stitch of Rnd 1.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Draw up a loop (as in photo). Now you have three loops on your hook, which is exactly what you need to finish the double crochet. Work the rest of the stitches of Rnd 2 in the front loops only of Rnd 1.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Here’s Rnd 2 all finished, with the yarn ends woven in. Do you see the stitches of Rnd 1 that have no stitches of Rnd 2 in them? We’re going to call those “free sc”s.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Rnd 3 is worked in the back loops of the stitches of Rnd 1, so you need to fold Rnd 2 to the front, completely out of the way, and insert your hook behind Rnd 2 into the back loops of Rnd 1. The first stitch of Rnd 3 goes in any “free sc” of Rnd 1.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

When you’re finished with Rnd 3, it looks like this from the front…

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

…and like this from the back, for a total of 15 sc.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Rnd 4 begins with ch 1, and then a sc in the first “free sc” of Rnd 1. The sc will seem fat and tall, because it is created around the sc of Rnd 3, and the ch of Round 2 at that point. Both those stitches will be hidden from view by this new sc.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Now it’s time for a little multitasking. Work the next three stitches by inserting your hook into the next chain space of Rnd 2 AND also in the next sc of Rnd 3. The ch-sts of Rnd 2 will be hidden inside these three sts.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

The next two sts go into the next tr of Rnd 2. Ah, simple.

Crocheted Forget Me Not Flower Tutorial

Once again, you’ll be multitasking for the next three sts. They are worked into the next ch-sp of Rnd 2, AND in the next st of Rnd 3.

Whew! Done with one petal and ready to start the next petal with sc in the next free sc of Rnd 1. Four more petals, and you’re done!

I added some Ladder Leaves (page 71 of Crochet Garden) and filler motifs to my little Forget Me Nots, to create this piece of Crochet Charm Lace.

Crochet Charm Lace with Forget Me Not Flower

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4 Responses to Step-by-Step Forget Me Not

  1. Janice Davey November 12, 2014 at 12:21 pm #

    Thank you for brining the Forget me Not to your readers. This was my Mom’s favorite flower. Your have done a beautiful rendition.

  2. Janice Davey November 12, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

    I can’t believe I only just discovered this site and I have had your books for a while! I enjoy making crochet flowers although I am a novice. I have a question I was hoping you could answer since you have such a vast experience with creating flowers.

    do you think these are crocheted all together?

    I am trying to devise a way to do this. Everyone tells me they are done as a strip and rolled up and sewed. I do not think so. I think the center can be done and then the petals on rounds or chains. I get that far but I can’t make them curve in on themselves like this.

  3. admin November 12, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

    Thank you Janice! They are such pretty flowers, so delicate and such a heavenly shade of blue.

  4. admin November 12, 2014 at 10:04 pm #

    I’m glad you found the site!

    The rose bag on your Ravelry page apparently has two different kinds of roses. The gold and purple roses on the upper and lower left look like they are done in a strip and then gathered and rolled. They both have a trim row of sc that is different from the rest of the flower.

    The roses on the right seem to be made in the round with separate petals. If I wanted the petals to curl in like you’re talking about, I might try decreasing one stitch in the middle of the petal, which would draw the rim of the petal in and hopefully curve it in.

    Somewhere online, there are some cabbage-y roses that have curving petals. If I run across them, I’ll send you the link.

    Thanks for writing!

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