Sunflower Earring Organizer

Crocheted Sunflower Earring Organizer

What could I make with the little sunflower I crocheted for the October Crochet Along? Another earring organizer! (See an earring organizer made with crocheted pansies here.)

My daughter likes green, which is convenient, because her school colors are green and yellow (okay, gold, but it usually takes the form of yellow).

I simply appliqued the sunflower on the corner of a sheet of kelly green plastic canvas.

Here are details:


  • 1 sheet of plastic canvas
  • 1 spool of Wrights cording to coordinate with plastic canvas
  • Embroidery floss
  • The Sunflower from Crochet Bouquet (pages 71-72), made with Aunt Lydia’s No. 10 crochet cotton
  • Fray-stopping adhesive

crocheted sunflower appliqued to plastic canvas

Start at the lower edge of the plastic canvas, about 3” from the right-hand corner. Leave a few inches of the cording hanging at the end, then use embroidery floss to whip stitch the cording around the outside edge of the plastic canvas. Tie on more embroidery floss as needed, leaving long ends.

Once you have sewn the cording all the way around, tie the beginning and ending ends of the cording in a square knot. Tack it at the back with embroidery floss. Tie off the embroidery floss, leaving long ends.

close up of cording knot on sunflower earring organizer

About 3 to 4” from the knot, make a coat of fray-checking adhesive about 1/2” long around on both ends of the cording. Let dry. Cut the cording through the 1/2” dried coat of adhesive. This will protect all the cut ends. If desired knot each end. You can see the adhesive at the ends of the cording in the picture. It slightly darkens the cording.

Weave the embroidery floss through stitches at the back of the piece. Dab a little fray-checking adhesive at each end. Let dry and then trim away excess embroidery floss.

Applique sunflower to the plastic canvas, placing it in the corner above the cording knot. Stitch each petal just inside the tip, so the tips will bend a little for a natural look.

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