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Cute Crochet World Debuts in Indianapolis

Thank You, Unicorn Books!

The timing was perfect for Cute Crochet World to be introduced to the world at The National NeedleArts Association summer trade show in Indianapolis.

Unicorn Books & Crafts sponsored a book-signing for me—yay! I enjoyed meeting the yarn store owners and fellow designers who came by for an autographed copy.

Meanwhile the denizens of Cute Crochet World were out enjoying the sights of beautiful downtown Indianapolis. The Martian couple, Pam and Rog (rhymes with nog, as in eggnog), visited the Indiana Statehouse, an imposing building with lovely, carved wooden doors.

Cute Crochet World’s car chatted with the famous Pink Zink, winner of the 1955 Indianapolis 500. The story goes that the racecar’s color is really ‘tropical rose,” but this is a minor technicality. The car is quite obviously pink. We love it!

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Yarn & Coffee in Santa Fe to Host Author Visit

Yarn & Coffee
“Craft. Community. Inspiration.”

These wonderful words describe a shop which carries two of my favorite things: yarn and coffee!

Yarn & Coffee, in Santa Fe, NM, is hosting me for an author visit and book-signing on Saturday, October 19th, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. I will be demonstrating:

  • how to make a flower cloth scarf, like the one in Crochet Garden (pictured here),
  • and how to assemble a crocheted ribbon rose, like the Shelly Rose in Crochet Bouquet

Crochet Charm Cloth Scarf

I’ll be glad to sign your copies of my books, whether you bring your own or purchase one at the shop. We’ll have time to visit, so please bring a project to work on.

Hope to see you on the 19th at

Yarn & Coffee
1836 Cerrillos Road
Sante Fe, NM 87505
For more information, please phone (505) 780 5030.

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Book Signing at Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York!

Crochet Garden by Suzann Thompson

I can hardly wait to go to New York to visit the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, talk with fellow crocheters, and sign copies of Crochet Bouquet and Crochet Garden!

The booksigning is at 6:00 p.m., August 6th, 2012, with seating starting at 5:30 p.m. If you would like to attend, please go to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio website to RSVP and for more information.

It will be a kind of homecoming for me. In the early 1990s I designed some afghans and sweaters for Lion Brand. I visited Lion Brand headquarters in New York and showed the Blumethals some design swatches. They commissioned a couple of designs–I was so excited!

Kitty Dreams mosaic knit blanket by Suzann

Aside from the lovely crocheted flowers in Crochet Garden, these are my favorite Lion Brand yarn designs. I designed the Kitty Dreams Blanket, made with Lion Brand Jiffy, for the Monsanto Designs for America program in the mid-1990s. The pattern is in a book called Cat Crafts: More than 50 Purrfect Projects, by Dawn Cusick. The book is available from used booksellers online, starting at around $1.00 plus shipping.

Mosaic Fish Rug, mosaic knit, by Suzann

My daughter Eva (then about 7 years old) drew a beautiful blue fish. I just had to see if I could interpret it in knitting. Mosaic knitting seemed the best way to capture the detail in her drawing. The result: this Fish Rug made from a double strand of Lion Cotton. What is it with all these fish, anyway?

That reminds me—I’m teaching how to Knit Mosaic Designs and Chart Your Own at Interweave Knitting Lab New England in October. See sidebar for link.

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Crochet Garden at TNNA, Columbus, Ohio

TNNA Summer NeedleArts Trade Show

Imagine a market where yarn shop owners go to buy stock for their stores. It’s like the best dream ever! That’s what’s in store at The National Needlework Association Summer NeedleArts Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio, June 23-25, 2012.

The show is open to TNNA members, like yarn and needlework shop owners, manufacturers, publishers, designers, and teachers. In other words, people in the business of yarn- and needle-crafting.

Dale of Norway Yarns

I’m going to be there, signing copies of Crochet Garden at the Dale of Norway Yarns booth (booth numbers 510 and 512). I am so excited!

Kathryn, a knitting guild friend from way back in our Austin days, introduced me to Dale of Norway Yarns years ago. I fell in love with the deliciously bright colors of Heilo and Baby Ull. As a color-lover, I was impressed that a person could buy yarn in so many different qualities of one color. The patterns were gorgeous, too. The knitted baby clothes were just darling.

The bright colors of Dale of Norway Falk were perfect for these Trilliums (pages 126-127 of Crochet Garden).

Crocheted Trillium from Crochet Garden

The Summer NeedleArts Trade Show is for TNNA members, but if you can’t go as a member of TNNA, please encourage your local yarn shop owners to drop by and say hello.

If you are a needlearts professional, and you haven’t joined TNNA, please visit the TNNA website for more information about this helpful organization (click on the TNNA Summer Show Logo above—it’s a link).

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A Great Afternoon at Front Street Books

Front Street Books, Alpine, Texas

Charles drove me the three blocks from our hotel in Alpine to Front Street Books, where “A Crochet and Knitting Afternoon with Suzann Thompson” would start at 2 o’clock.

Why did we drive, when the weather was so nice? Because I had too much stuff to carry, as usual.

delicious snacks at Front Street Books

We spread flowers and flower projects on every surface, except for the few square feet that held snacks. I lingered over the flowers near this area, so I could breathe in the chocolaty goodness. Yum.

The talking started as soon as the first yarn lovers walked through the door, which won’t come as a surprise. We talked about yarn and where to buy it, the steps of writing craft books, and much more.

I showed my precious spiral-bound copy of Crochet Bouquet. Julie, the manager of Front Street Books, confirmed that book store owners do not like spiral-bound books. “They’re difficult to display,” she said.

“Besides, you can’t read the spines,” said Kay, who also showed a clever hand-held loom called a Weav-ette.

Susan's crocheted daffodil

As we discussed yarns and technique, Susan sat crocheting a daffodil with a “How to Crochet” book peeking from underneath her copy of Crochet Bouquet. We were amazed at how quickly she learned to crochet. “Well, I knit,” she said modestly, to explain her quick mastery.

Sandy enjoys the crocheted flowers

Many knitters I know use “I knit” as an explanation for why they can’t learn to crochet. Go figure!

After a while, our discussion broke into smaller groups and we helped ourselves to treats and coffee. Susan, twelve-year-old Kara, Alison and I had a crochet lesson. Julie’s aunt, also named Julie, almost finished a rib-and-shell hat she started that same afternoon.

It was a happy day.

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Come to a Crochet Bouquet Event in Alpine, Texas!

Suzann at Front Street Books

Please come and visit with me at an informal Crochet and Knitting Afternoon at Front Street Books in Alpine, Texas.

You’ll see lots of flowers and projects from Crochet Bouquet, and some samples that will be new to you. I will demonstrate techniques from the book and show you a really clever way to create plastic bag yarn.

Bring along your own project to work on while we talk and enjoy coffee and sweets served by Front Street Books.

If you have crochet or knitting questions, I’ll do my best to help you.


2-5 p.m., Saturday, November 13, 2010


Front Street Books Reading Room
201 E. Holland Avenue
Alpine, Texas 79830
Fax: 432/837-1126

inside Front Street Books

See you there!

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Book Signing in Estes Park, Colorado!

In less than a month, the Estes Park Wool Market will be in full swing with two days of workshops and two days of shopping. It’s a beautiful venue, with the Rocky Mountains in the distance. The weather is perfect for wearing sweaters.

During the market, I will be signing copies of Crochet Bouquet in Suzanne Correira’s Fire Ant Ranch booth. Look for the flower ponchos, as in the photo above.

I’ll be teaching workshops there, too. There’s still time to sign up for classes! If you mail your registration form before Friday, May 22, you will avoid the late fee. So send in your registrations today! Here is the brochure and registration form.

May I recommend my workshop? It is called “Style and Shape Knitting with Pleats and Darts.” We’ll make at least three different kinds of pleats, including these pleats which look great on sleeves. You can use them to enhance other parts of your garments, too. We’ll talk about this and brainstorm together to come up with great ideas for how to use pleats.

We’ll also discuss how to incorporate knitted pleats into garments, as design details or as major garment shaping. We’ll discuss how to deal with the extra weight. We’ll practice ways to figure out the number of sts you need for a pleated item.

Darts make sweaters fit better, and lucky us! We can knit darts right into our sweaters. I’ll show you how to measure and calculate darts, and how to knit them using short rows.

Every now and then you don’t know you need a dart until you’ve already finished the sweater. Never fear! You can cut a dart into your sweater. To see a cut-out dart in progress, have a look at this post.

There is homework, so be sure and read the brochure closely. Hope to see you there!

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Flower Backpack

backpack with crocheted flowers

From watching my daughter sling her backpack around, I know how much wear and tear a school backpack endures. I would hesitate to put flowers on her backpack. If she really wanted flowers, though, we would put them in an area of the backpack that isn’t likely to be abraded all the time—maybe the top or the straps.

The backpack in the photo is more of a handbag sort of backpack. Worn with care, the flower decoration should last a long time.

I crocheted the flowers for this backpack with Louet’s Euroflax Sport (100% Wet Spun Linen, 3.5oz/100g = 270yd/247m per skein).

Flower Backpack

You Will Need

  • Crochet Bouquet
  • 3 colors of yarn in fine weight (2)
  • 2 flower colors
  • 1 leaf color
  • 3.5mm crochet hook (US size E/4)
  • Purchased backpack
  • Button for flower center
  • Glue that will bond the flowers to the backpack (check label)
  • Paintbrush (to apply glue)
  • Sewing needle and matching thread (optional)


  1. Crochet the Medium and Small Primrose Layers (pages 90-91 of Crochet Bouquet). Use the photo as a guide for color choices, or choose colors to match your backpack.
  2. Crochet a rose leaf as follows: ch 4, crochet Small Rose Leaflet (page 114 of Crochet Bouquet), ch 2, crochet Small Rose Leaflet; pivot to work in free loops of foundation ch down other side of the leaf, sl st in next 2 ch, crochet Small Rose Leaflet, sl st in remaining 4 ch.
  3. Sew the button to the center of the Small Primrose.
  4. Glue Small Primrose to the top of the Medium Primrose. Let the glue set. For added durability, sew outer edges of Small Primrose to the flower underneath.
  5. Glue flower and leaves to backpack. Let dry.
  6. Test tips of leaves and petals for adhesion. Carefully add more glue if necessary.

    * * *

    Knitting Nest, Austin, Texas

    In other news, Stacy at the Knitting Nest in Austin, Texas, invited me to sign copies of Crochet Bouquet at her shop. I’ll be there on September 7, 2008, 2-4 p.m. with lots of flowers and projects from the book. The address is 108 W. Slaughter Lane. For more information visit the Knitting Nest’s web site:


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Sunflowers, Workshop, Signings

inspiration for Sunflower on a Grid

I met a lady on Ravelry who has already crocheted several flowers from Crochet Bouquet, including the “Sunflower on a Grid.” (Her Ravelry tag is iCrochetiCreate.)

I worked out the pattern for that flower on the long drive from our house to Alpine, Texas. My husband went to a conference there, and I got to tag along. * I crocheted and ripped and crocheted some more and took notes. * Rep bet *s several times.

Finally the proportions were just right, and I crocheted it all in black Euroflax Sport. Why black? Because the inspiration for this flower was all black.

crocheted sunflower on a grid

The Grammar of Ornament, by Owen Jones (Dover Publications), is one of my favorite design books. Right there on the bottom right corner of “Plate 1: Ornament from Oceania,” is this design, which looks like it might have been from a piece of bark cloth. I have admired those flowers and the colors for years. “Sunflower on a Grid” is my interpretation of that design.

The black flower didn’t make it into the book, because black is very difficult to photograph. Sometime in the summer, I’ll post a project that uses the black “Sunflower on a Grid” and takes advantage of the grid for a special effect.

Workshop and Book Signings: Hope to See You There!

I’m teaching a crochet flower class at the Estes Park Wool Market, June 13, 2008, in Colorado. We’ll practice several unusual crochet techniques from Crochet Bouquet, including how to use padding threads. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a bunch of pretty crocheted flowers. Check the sidebar for more information.

Crochet Bouquet book signings:

  1. Dublin Public Library, May 10, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Dublin, Texas.
  2. Hastings Books, May 24, 1 to 4 p.m., Stephenville, Texas.
  3. Showers of Flowers yarn shop, June 10, Denver, Colorado.
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