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Dublin Rippers Reception

Scenes from the Dublin Rippers Reception

At least 40 people attended the opening reception for the Dublin Rippers Quilt Exhibit on July 6th. I got so busy talking I forgot to take pictures, so imagine our 40 visitors (at least), a table full of nice cheeses, fruit, and crackers, and a white and purple cake with deliciously sweet icing.

Many thanks to Lori LaRue of Tarleton’s Fine Arts Center and Tarleton’s catering crew for their fine work in welcoming us all and cutting such large slices of cake.

The Dublin Rippers left with big smiles on our faces. We met some people for the first time, reconnected with others, and enjoyed time with family and friends.

In other Dublin Rippers news, Ashley Inge, managing editor of the student-run Texan News Service at Tarleton State University, interviewed me about our exhibit. Here’s her article or you can click on the image at left.

And if you missed the reception, here are some more photos from the show:

Scenes from the Dublin Rippers Reception

Donna Timmons made a wall hanging-sized quilt with these cute appliqued horny toads, or horned lizards, if you want to be more correct about it. They are from a pattern called “Horned Toad” by designer Susan Cranshaw.

Scenes from the Dublin Rippers Reception

Peggy DeLaVergne’s son Austin has loved to draw since he was just a little guy. Peggy preserved some of his drawings in embroidery and made a very cute quilt with them. Here are some animals he drew when he was around five years old. Now he’s in college, studying art.

My husband Charles knapped the spear points I used on the mini-quilt on the right-hand side of the photo below. Flint or chert tools are sharp, so I made a polymer clay surround for each one. Handmade spear points are a great conversation starter.

Scenes from the Dublin Rippers Reception

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