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Expanding the Art and Community of Crochet

The Evening of Excellence at the Crochet Guild of America Chain Link conference in Portland, Oregon, last week was a celebration of the Design Competition winners, the graduates of the Master Crocheters program, and the winners of the Guild Challenge, which was to see how many sets of chemo caps each guild contributed. A set of caps included one each for a man, a woman, and a child. So cool!

After all the awards, everyone (except me) settled back for a presentation about how we might grow the crochet community by…wait for it…appealing to people who don’t crochet! I talked about how we can use family connections, art, and collaboration, to broaden the appeal and appreciation of crochet.

Now you can see the evening’s ceremonies and speech for yourself, because it was live-streamed on Facebook. I come in sometime after minute 58.


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