Toronto Yarn Shop is Fabulous!

Romni Wools, 658 Queen St. W., Toronto

My friend Joan turned eighty last week. Her daughters threw a surprise birthday party for her, and people came from far and wide, to Toronto, to celebrate. It was a wonderful weekend of talking, talking, talking and quite a bit of eating, too.

Toronto has an almost sinful number of yarn shops. I had one afternoon to look around on my own, so I went to Romni Wools, which was billed has having more yarn than anyone else.

a wall of Greek cottons at Romni Wools

My goodness.

I have never, ever seen so much yarn in one place. It was difficult to take it all in. Yarn in twelve-foot-high bins, yarn in stackable bins, yarn hanging from racks, yarn in laundry baskets, fancy yarns, plain yarns, expensive luxury yarns, and reasonably-priced yarns all vied for space in this huge and crowded store. The coned yarns, spinning supplies, and discontinued yarns were in the basement.

The visual stimulation is strong, and one of the people working there told me that customers often look around a while, then go next door for a calming cup of coffee, before coming back to make their final choices.

a fraction of the great yarn room at Romni Wools

I had some specific colors and textures in mind, so I took my time to find several great yarns, which I’ll show later.

If you knitters and crocheters find yourself in Toronto with a free afternoon, Romni Wool (658 Queen Street West) is the place to go.

sparkles on cones in the basement of Romni Wools

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