Many of these workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of your group. Just let me know what you need. Workshops that indicate “3 hours or more,” are also suitable for day-long workshops or weekend retreats. For more information about workshops, expanded class descriptions, supply lists, and terms please email me or follow the links below.

For something a little different, please consider my TextileFusion workshops: Art Quilts from Your Old Sweaters, Knit or Crochet an Underwater Scene, What to Do with Vintage Doilies, and my very popular Polymer Clay Button Boutique classes.

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knit-patternsHow to Knit Mosaic Patterns and Design Your Own (3 hrs). Slip st color knitting is easy with Barbara Walker’s wonderful method. Learn to knit from her charts, and then chart your own designs. More information at

Cables, Bobbles, Braids (3 or 6 hrs). Navigate all the twists and turns of cable knitting, including how to design your own cable sweater.

Intarsia from Beginning to End (3 hrs). Intarsia can be a happy knitting experience! Learn to plan for success, add and change colors properly, make smooth joins, and avoid holes.

Color, Texture, and Structure with the Elusive Slip Stitch (6 hrs). Explore the many possibilities of slip st, like selvedges, edgings, pleats, color knitting, and so-called “quilting” stitches.

Very Variegated for Knitters (3 hrs or meeting program). Learn to use variegated or other multicolor yarn to its best advantage.

net-colorsSeveness Knitting (3 hrs or meeting program). Suzann’s Sensational Similar Shade Scrap Stripe System uses mostly random color changes to make subtly beautiful knitted fabric.

Color Knitting Techniques (3 hrs or more). Stripes, intarsia, stranding, slip st color patterns, two-handed stranding (first 3 hrs); in a longer class, duplicate st, weaving-in strands, double-sided-two-color knitting.


flowers-vestCrochet Charm Lace (3 hrs or more). Pin crocheted motifs in any shape you like to a throw-away fabric template. Sew motifs together and remove fabric. The result: lovely and unusual lace, like this scarf →

Fun Flowers and Leaves (3 hrs or more). Start with simple Irish Crochet, ribbon flower, and rocking leaves techniques; longer workshop includes double bullion picot petals and more.

Full of Bullion (3 hrs). Make great traditional bullion sts and variations, and then crochet the vintage double bullion stitch.

Pretty Picot-Rama (3 hrs). Practice plenty of pretty picots! Go home with lots of labeled samples.

Very Variegated for Crocheters (3 hrs or meeting program). Learn to use variegated or other multicolor yarn to its best advantage.

Seveness Crochet (3 hrs or meeting program). Suzann’s Sensational Similar Shade Scrap Stripe System uses mostly random color changes to make subtly beautiful crocheted fabric and motifs.

Polymer Clay/TextileFusion/Color

polyclay-buttonsPolymer Clay Button Boutique 1 (6 hrs). Make faux lapis lazuli, swirl, millefiori, and crazy patchwork buttons. Bake in class. Beginners welcome!

Polymer Clay Button Boutique 2 (6 hrs). Make flower millefiori, mica shift, faux turquoise, and mosaic buttons. Bake in class. Beginners welcome!

What to Do with Vintage Doilies (3 hrs or meeting program). Reclaim, restyle, and repurpose those lovely doilies!

What to Do with Buttons (3 hrs or meeting program). You might be able to make a dent in your collection with these imaginative ways to use lots and lots of buttons.

fishTextileFusion: A Knitting of Art (lecture with slideshow). Suzann wanted to knit art. This colorful slide presentation shows how her knitted, quilted, and embellished wall hangings developed. See her artwork at

Designing Sweaters: 2% Inspiration, 98% Hard Work (lecture with slideshow). How do artists, designers, or even engineers go from a vague idea or a pile of supplies to a finished product? Here is practical advice on how to go about designing.

Knit or Crochet an Underwater Scene (3 hrs or more, knitting or crochet). Work to a template and to interpret shape and texture in stitches by composing a small picture, about 5″ x 7″. No gauge swatches—hurray!

Treasure Textiles (3 hrs or more). Make a textile sampler by attaching the treasures you’ve collected over the years: bits of lace and ribbon, beads and buttons, broken china, coins, marbles, sequins, stones, yarn, and zippers.

Art Quilts from Your Old Sweaters (3 hrs or more). Give old knitted sweaters, cardigans, and swatches new life by making them into unusual quilts for home décor.

snowflakeColor Cross Training (6 hrs, knitting or crochet). Vincent Van Gogh wound yarn butterflies to study how colors affect each other. If a painter could learn about color from yarn, can yarn users learn from painters? Of course we can! After covering painterly knowledge about value and contrast, we turn to quilters and their wonderful ways with prints and solids (for us this translates to multicolor and solid color yarns). We glean information from weavers and add pizzazz to our color-ways with a fun technique devised by a jewelry-maker.

Color Composure (6 hrs, knitting or crochet). You won’t be afraid of color if you approach it the slow and easy way. Learn step by step how to begin with one color and add more and more colors into your knitting or crocheting until you aren’t intimidated even by a riot of colors! Find more information at