A Worthy Accomplishment

Art quilt A Worthy Accomplishment by Suzann Thompson will travel with the Sacred Threads exhibit 2017-2019

A Worthy Accomplishment, ©2017 by Suzann Thompson

Crochet, piecing, quilting, embellishment; vintage crochet, cotton yarn and fabric, buttons.

At an exhibit of her art, a friend received many positive comments. She found them difficult to accept, but afterwards she told me, “I finally feel worthy.” This quilt was inspired by her and other smart, kind, and accomplished people who, for some reason, feel unworthy.

I posted about this project on social media, using the tag #youareworthy. Who else might be using this hashtag? I followed the link to learn about how realizing and accepting that “you are worthy” are steps in a healing process. Yes, we are worthy of good health, recovery from addiction, supportive relationships, and praise.

Read more about A Worthy Accomplishment at my blog.

TextileFusion wall hanging, A Worthy Accomplishment, by Suzann Thompson

A Worthy Accomplishment is available for purchase, with delivery after September 2017. Please contact Suzann at knitandcrochetwithsuzann@outlook.com for a list of wall hanging prices.

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